Economics 220: Commons, Alliances, and Shared Resources

Professor Christiaan Hogendorn

Prof. Hogendorn's Homepage Course Syllabus

Course Policies

Time and Place: TTh 1:20-2:50 CFH 106
Office: CFH 204
Office Hours: M 3-4, W 1-2, Th 3-4

If door is open, I may be available, please knock. I also encourage appointments: talk to me before or after class, or call x2108 or e-mail.
E-mail: chogendorn
Responses: For every reading, each student should write a short, public response and put in on the course response document along with their name. The response should be no more than a couple lines, and should be whatever you think is your best or most interesting note on the reading. These responses must be posted 1 hour before class begins.
Discussions: In each class, a team of two students will discuss an extension to reading.
Paper: There will be a short paper in this class. It should examine an example of a commons, alliance, or shared resource. The paper should bring in concepts from the class and it should include illustrations. It should be no more than 10 pages. Papers can be done in a partnership of 2 students.
Grading: 30% Top 20 responses
20% In-class discussions
35% Paper
15% Class participation

Attendance: Please attend classes regularly (your attendance is the most important component of "class participation"). If you know in advance that you will be late or have to leave early, please let me know. Please avoid coming in late so as not to disturb the rest of the class.