ECON 321 Syllabus
Spring 2009, Prof. Christiaan Hogendorn
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I. Introduction

1. Introduction
2. Monopoly
M, Chapter 1.
Oz Shy, Industrial Organization, Chapter 5

3. Cournot
M, Chapter 2, pp. 23-43.
M, Chapter 6, pp. 106-113.

4. Bertrand
M, Chapter 2, pp. 43-47.
Timothy Bresnahan, “The Oligopoly Solution Concept is Identified,” Economics Letters, 1982.
Problem Set 1 due. Answers

5. Collusion
M, Chapter 3.

6. Stackelberg and Limit Pricing
M, Chapter 4.
Problem Set 2 due. Answers

7. Entry and Exit
M, Chapter 6, pp. 106-119.
Dixit. “The Role of Investment in Entry-Deterrence.” The Economic Journal (1980) vol. 90 (357) pp. 95-106

8. Strategic Substitutes and Complements
Drew Fudenberg and Jean Tirole, “The Fat-Cat Effect, the Puppy-Dog Ploy, and the Lean and Hungry Look,” American Economic Review, 1984.

9. Network Effects
M, Chapter 6, pp. 119-122.
Problem Set 3 due. Answers

10. Product Differentiation
Oz Shy, Industrial Organization, Chapter 7. pp. 149 and 153.

11. Innovation
M, Chapter 5
Problem Set 4 due. Answers

Exam   Answers

13. The Logit Model
Discussion of Presentations
Anderson and de Palma

Spring Break

II. Regulation and Antitrust

1. Congestion
Engel, Fischer, and Galetovic, “Toll Competition Among Congested Roads,” Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy, 4(1) 2004. (Prof. Hogendorn)

2. The Car Market
Randy Brenkers , Frank Verboven, “Definition with Differentiated Products - Lessons from the Car Market,” CEPR Discussion Paper 5249, September 2005. (Ben, Colin)

3. A Recent EU Inquiry
Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry (read executive summary) (Christian, Julie, Mike)

4. Imperfect Competition and International Trade
M, Chapter 7-9.  (Prof. Hogendorn)
III. Retailing

1. Wal Mart
Chiou. Empirical Analysis of Competition between Wal-Mart and Other Retail Channels. (2008) (Brad, Brian)

2. Beer
Lisa George, National Television and the Market for Local Products: The Case of Beer, Journal of Industrial Economics (2009) (Matt, Nick)

3. Big Boxes
Basker, E, Klimek, S D, Pham, V H, Supersize it: The Growth of Retail Chains and the Rise of the’Big Box’Retail Format. (2008) (Bobby, Justin)

4. Gasoline
Daniel Hosken, Robert McMillan, Christopher Taylor, Retail gasoline pricing: What do we know?. International Journal of Industrial Organization (2008) (Angela, Phil)

V. Network Externalities

1. Preference Externalities
Joel Waldfogel, “Preference Externalities: An Empirical Study of Who Benefits Whom in Differentiated-
Product Markets,” RAND Journal of Economics, 34(3), 2003: 557-568. (Ankit, Arran)

2. Shopping Malls
B Peter Pashigian and Eric Gould, “Internalizing Externalities: The Pricing of Space in Shopping Malls,” Journal of Law and Economics, 41(1), 115-42 (01 Apr 1998) (Kiran, Sumana)

VI. Vertical Relationships

1. Quality
Johan Stennek, “Exclusive Quality - Why Exclusive Distribution may Benefit the TV-viewers,” IFN Working Paper No 691, 2007. (Ramanan, Russ)

2. Cities and Agglomeration
Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb, Shane Greenstein, “Understanding the Inputs into Innovation: Do Cities Substitute for Internal Firm Resources?” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 17(2), 2008: 295-316. (Marcus, Kevin)