ECON 321 Syllabus
Fall 2010, Prof. Christiaan Hogendorn
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Checked readings are required, unchecked readings are background to lecture.
M = Steven Martin, Industrial Organization: A European Perspective, 2001.

I. Game Theoretic Approaches

1. Introduction and Game Theory

2. Monopoly
Company logo and strategic decision – due by e-mail
M, Chapter 1.
Oz Shy, Industrial Organization, Chapter 5
3. Cournot
M, Chapter 2, pp. 23-43.
4. Bertrand
M, Chapter 2, pp. 43-47.
5. Collusion
M, Chapter 3.
Problem Set 1 due. Answers
6. Stackelberg and Limit Pricing
M, Chapter 4.
7. Entry and Exit
M, Chapter 6, pp. 106-119.
Avinash Dixit. “The Role of Investment in Entry-Deterrence.” The Economic Journal (1980) vol. 90 (357) pp. 95-106
Problem Set 2 due. Answers
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8. Strategic Substitutes and Complements
Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz, Industrial Organization: Markets and Strategies, Cambridge, 2010, Section 3.4
9. Product Differentiation
Oz Shy, Industrial Organization, Chapter 7. pp. 149 and 153.
Problem Set 3 due. Answers
Exam   Answers
II. Industry Structure and Innovation

10. Theory of the Firm
M, Chapter 6, pp. 122-128.

11. Congestion
Engel, Fischer, and Galetovic, “Toll Competition Among Congested Roads,” Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy, 4(1) 2004.
12. Healthcare
Leemore Dafny, "Are Health Insurance Markets Competitive?" American Economic Review, 2010.
13. Innovation
M, Chapter 5
M, Chapter 6, pp. 128-135.
C d'Aspremont, A Jacquemin, "Cooperative and Noncooperative R & D in Duopoly with Spillovers," American Economic Review, 1988.
Assignment (presenters: Garrett, Nic)
14. Imperfect Competition and International Trade
M, Chapter 9.
Assignment (presenter: Sean)
15. Wal-Mart Contracts
Michael Whinston, "Exclusionary Vertical Contracts," Chapter 4 in Lectures on antitrust economics, MIT Press, 2006.
Assignment (presenter: Micah)
III. Networks and Platforms

16. Network Effects
M, Chapter 6, pp. 119-122.
Oz Shy, "The Economic of Compatiliblity and Standards," Chapter 10 in Industrial Organization.
Assignment (presenters: Hoang, Jenna)
17. Indirect Network Effects and Two-Sided Markets
Marc Rysman, "The Economics of Two-Sided Markets,"
Assignment (presenters: Colin, Matt S.)
18. Advertising and Media
Simon Anderson and Stephen Coate, "Market Provision of Broadcasting: A Welfare Analysis," Review of Economic Studies, 72(4): 947–972, 2005.
Assignment (presenters: Maciej, Matt M.)
19. Shopping Malls
B Peter Pashigian and Eric Gould, “Internalizing Externalities: The Pricing of Space in Shopping Malls,” Journal of Law and Economics, 41(1), 115-42 (01 Apr 1998)
Assignment (presenters: AJ and Joey G)
IV. Vertical Relations

20. Vertical Restraints
Patrick Rey and Thibaud Vergé, "Economics of Vertical Restraints," Chapter 9 in Paolo Buccirossi, ed., Handbook of antitrust economics, MIT Press, 2008.
Assignment (presenters: Geoff and Brett)

21. Competition Policy
John Vickers, "Competition Policy and Property Rights," Economic Journal, May 2010: 375-392.
Assignment (presenters: Lily and Nic)
V. Economies of Scale

22. Broadband
Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb, and Shane Greenstein, "The Internet and Local Wages: Convergence or Divergence?" Working Paper, 2010.
Assignment (presenters: Graham and Joey R.)
23. Newspapers
Steven Berry and Joel Waldfogel, "Product Quality and Market Size," Journal of Industrial Economics, 55(1), 2010.
Assignment (presenters: Isaac and Victor)
24. Beer
Lisa George, “National Television and the Market for Local Products: The Case of Beer,” Journal of Industrial Economics (2009)
Assignment (presenters: Justin and Nikhil)