Damien Sheehan-Connor, MD PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics


Mailing Address:              

Department of Economics

Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT  06459-0007


Other Contact Information:

Office:            Public Affairs Center (PAC) 322

Phone:           860-685-2531

E-mail:            dsheehanconn@wesleyan.edu



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Fall 2012

Economics 110: Intro to Economic Theory

Economics 308: Healthcare Economics

Spring 2013

Economics 110: Intro to Economic Theory

Economics 222: Public Economics


Note: Students enrolled in one of these classes can access course materials on the course Moodle page.





Accepted and Published Papers:


·      “Stem Cell Donor Matching for Patients of Mixed Race” (with Ted Bergstrom and Rod Garratt) 2012. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 12: Iss. 1 (Contributions), Article 1.

·      “Tax affinity hypothesis: Do we really hate paying taxes?” (with Iwan Djanali)  2012.  Journal of Economic Psychology, 33(4): 758-775.

·      "One Chance in a Million: Altruism and the Bone Marrow Registry" (with Ted Bergstrom and Rod Garratt) 2009.  American Economic Review, 99(4): 1309-34.



Working Papers:

·      “Life and Death at the CAFE: Predicting the Impact of Fuel Economy Standards on Vehicle Safety,” Wesleyan Economics Working Papers #2012-002.

·       “Evaluation of the Impact of Village Savings and Loans Associations Using a Novel Survey Instrument” (with Conner Brannen), Wesleyan Economics Working Papers #2012-003.

·      “A Symmetric Relationship Between Proxy and Instrumental Variables”

·      “Visitors’ Health Care as an Instrument: The Case of Heart Attacks”

·      “The Marginal Impact of Health Care Spending on Hospital Mortality”