These papers are referreed journal articles downoadable in PDF format.

"Rotation periods for stars in NGC 2264"
Kristin Kearns, Nancy L.Eaton, William Herbst, and Christopher J. Mazzurco

"Additional periodic variables in NGC 2264"
Kristin Kearns and William Herbst

"Eclipses by a circumstellar dust feature in the pre-main-sequence star KH 15D"
Catrina M. Hamilton, William Herbst, Candice Shih, and Anthony J. Ferro

"Fine Structure in the Circumstellar Environment of a Young, Solar-Like Star
The Unique Eclipse of KH 15D"

William Herbst, Catrina M. Hamilton, Frederick J. Vrba, Mansur A. Igraghimov + 11 additional authors

"Natural Coronagraphic Observations of the Eclipsing T Tauri System KH 15D:
Evidence of Accretion and Bipolar Outflow in a Weak-Line T Tauri Star"
Catrina M. Hamilton, William Herbst, Reinhard Mundt, Coryn A. L. Bailer-Jones and Christopher M. Johns-Krull

"KH 15D: A Star Eclipsed By a Large-Scale Dusty Vortex"
P. Barge and M. Viton

"Limits on Eclipses of the Pre-Main-Sequence Star KH 15D in the First Half of the 20th Century"
Joshua N. Winn, Peter M. Garnavich, K. Z. Stanek and Dimitar D. Sasselov

"Spectropolarimetry and Modeling of the Eclipsing T Tauri Star KH 15D"
Eric Agol, Aaron J. Barth, Sebastian Wolf and David Charbonneau

"Spectroscopy of Molecular Hydrogen Emission fr om KH 15D"
Drake Deming, David Charbonneau and Joseph Harrington

"The Hisotry of the Mysterious Eclipses of KH 15D: Asiago Observatory, 1967-1982"
John Asher Johnson and Joshua N. Winn

"H2 Emission Nebulosity Associated with KH 15D"
A. T. Tokunaga, S. Dahm, W. Gassler, Y. Hayano and 13 additional authors

"KH 15D: Gradual Occultation of a Pre-Main-Sequence Binary"
Joshua N. Winn, Matthew J. Holman, John A. Johnson, Krzysztof Z. Stanek and Peter M. Garnavich

"The Circumbinary Ring of KH 15D" (preprint)
Eugene I. Chiang and Ruth A. Murray-Clay

"KH 15D: A Spectroscopic Binary" (preprint)
John Asher Johnson, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Catrina M. Hamilton, William Herbst and Christopher M. Johns-Krull

"X-ray Emission from the Weak-lined T Tauri Binary System KH 15D"
W. Herbst and E. C. Moran

"The Orbit and Occultations of KH 15D"
J.N. Winn, C. M. Hamilton, W. Herbst, J. L. Hoffman, M. J. Holman, J. A. Johnson and M. J. Kuchner

"Reflected Light from Sand Grains in the Terrestrial Zone of a Protoplanetary Disk"
W. Herbst, C. M. Hamilton, K. LeDuc, J. N. Winn, C. M. Johns-Krull, R. Mundt and M. Ibrahimov

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